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Gift Box Organic Immortelle Essential Oil 15ml. Made in Corsica, 100% pure

Gift Box Organic Immortelle Essential Oil 15ml. Made in Corsica, 100% pure

Helichrysum Italicum ssp Italicum

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Discover all the properties and virtues of Immortelle from Corsica with this gift box. It contains Immortelle essential oil:  100% pure and natural, undiluted. It is produced and distilled in Corsica where it grows wild. Our essential oils are all organic, our farm is certified each year by Bureau Veritas.

Helichrysum Italicum essential oil

It may be referred to as Curry Plant, Helichrysum, or Immortal on various source. Our essential oil is made from Helichrysum Italicum ssp Italicum, the best known and most sought-after Helichrysum species.

Distillation process of Immortelle

We focus on producing a high quality product. We manually harvest our plants when the right time comes. Right after, we distillate them, so they are still fresh and rich in all of their properties. The flowers are distilled in a traditional big copper tank to best ensure the quality of the essential oil. We use steam to distillate. We produce it with mountain spring water from Corsica, pure water right from the source. All these steps allow us to produce a precious organic essential oil rich with all the Immortelle properties.  

Properties of Helichrysum

It has healing, soothing, and regenerating properties. It's the most effective natural treatment against bruises, new and old. It may be used to alleviate muscles, nerve, and joint pain. It is effective against facial redness and lessens rosacea. It is a powerful analgesic and an anti-inflammatory. Known and used since the dawn of time for its anti-aging properties, Immortelle essential oil will slow down the sign of aging. It stimulates your blood flow, lessens the scars and stretch marks.

You can blend it with any carrier oil or cosmetic to benefit from its properties. Check out our Immortelle Oil for an already-blended, ready to use oil. Many of our cosmetics products are made from this amazing essential oil, you may find them all here

In Aromatherapy, Helichrysum Italicum is a powerful essential oil. Its unique fragrance, typical of Corsica, balances the mind and calms the spirit. It will guide you to find inner peace. Its powerful scent reconciles past traumas and alleviates the bruises of the soul. Build up confidence and self-worth to get out of troubled times and find balance. It heightens your senses and perception

With a unique and strong floral fragrance, like the flower of Helichrysum Italicum. Its scent will guide you to Corsica.

Volume :15ml in a glass bottle with a dropper

May provoke an allergic reaction like any essential oil. Before using test a few drops in the bend of the elbow. Always consult a doctor first if using it in a therapeutic scope


* Ingredients from organic farming

How to use

On skin, massage on bruises (new and old), can be diluted in a carrier oil or any beauty product
In Aromatherapy


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Straight from producer

All our products are made by us, on our local farm in Corsica. All orders are shipped from there, without intermediaries. We start from the seed up to the final product. We focus on producing quality products. Each are concentrated with active ingredients to best ensure its effect.

  • Organic

    Our organic farm is certified each year by Bureau Veritas. Our plants grow naturally in the best possible condition. We harvest them manually when they are ready, respecting their cycle.

  • Immortelle

    Helichrysum Italicum, an amazing shrub. It grows wild in Corsica, where its effect are the strongest. Our lands are near the sea and under strong sun exposure, the best environment possible for Immortelle

  • Natural cosmetics

    We craft homemade natural cosmetics from our production. Immortelle has multiple properties, making it a great beauty product for skincare. We add it with other organic ingredients that act in synergy to enhance its benefits