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All I can say is that Mardy’s Garden products are nothing short of miraculous. I am over 65 and have tried everything under the sun (probably why I have some sun damage..lol)… but nothing has transformed my mature skin like these beautiful, amazing and clean immortelle products….and I love that they are such an environmentally conscious farm business….thank you,thank you Mardy’s Garden.

Gina Cashier

I have try other hydrosols before. But Mardys Garden is amazing. The product is high quality, and my skin loves it. I also use it to other products I made. Highly recommended!


If you are interested in beauty products based on essential oil, this website is made for you. Helichrysum is a highly valued essential oil among other precious oils good for your skin, such as rose otto, geranium, blue tansy, yarrow and Hawaiian sandalwood….I use many DIY essential oil beauty products mixed with helichrysum, and they never disappoint me. Due to my growing interest I began to search for more helichrysum-related products, and that’s how I came to bump into this website. I like how their immortelle-themed products enrich and hydrate my skin and leave it looking supple with a healthy glow. I have repeated my orders and will continue to do so. I feel blessed with this happy find. Hope they work for many others out there.

Zhengzheng Wu

The huile d’immortelle is fantastic. Easily absorbed and nourishing. Great for sensitive skin. I have noticed an improvement in skin texture in less than 2 weeks. So happy to have discovered this product.


This oil is amazing, I am obsessed with it! The smell is so lovely and not at all overpowering, just perfect! The oil is dry and not greasy, it feels divine on my skin! I am so happy to find such a beautiful organic product from Corse from makers that care about their products!


huile très performante et parfumée a recommander

michel lorang

Received my oil….love it thank you ….worth the wait .have just ordered other items to try ..am recommending your site to my friends xx


Le macérât d’immortelle est très efficace. Les savons sont agréables, dommage qu’ils soient emballés dans du plastique, du papier kraft aurait été préférable. Je recommande.


I bought a few of your products and have been very impressed with them all. The serum is gentle yet effective in revitalising the skin. The rosemary oil is so uplifting. After a long wait here in Australia, I am so happy to have found a company that sells Corsican Immortelle and ships to all countries. Great service as well with all my email enquiries. Thank you for everything.


Thank you for your great products and service!
After sending our last order to the wrong address you instantly resent it to the correct address and even added a small gift! Wonderful customer service!
For years we have been ordering your products and don’t want to miss them.
The essential oil is fantastic for desinfecting and healing small wounds or for gargling when having a saw throat. It even helped for Corona!
The eau florale and eau de Jouvence are very soothing when I have irrateted skin (in the dry and cold winter or sun burn in summer).

K. Kuster

I can recommend the Huile d’immortelle macérât, and the Eau Florale immortelle . I am a lady in my seventies and I have found the oil to moisturise my skin very well without leaving a greasy residue . The Eau Florale is wonderfully refreshing and I spray it to fix my make up. Good products and the orders are promptly dispatched as well which is also great .

Marilyn Foote

Thank you Mardys garden for producing this excellent combination oil. As I suffer with bone and musscle aches and pains i have been applying immortelle as a preventitive treatment. This has worked wonders and has had such a positive effect on my daily functioning.It has also proved to be an amazingly instant relief for burns, bruises ect….. I highly recoommend this to everyone.

Amber Johnson

I was fortunate to visit Corsica last year and was able to buy some of your amazing Huile D’Immortelle. I am currently recovering from a knee replacement surgery and have received great relief from the use of this wonderful treatment. I am using the oil around my recently replaced knee twice daily and have had quite remarkable improvements in swelling, stiffness and pain. Warmest Regards, J’ai eu la chance de visiter la Corse l’année dernière et d’acheter une partie de votre incroyable Huile D’Immortelle. Je me remets actuellement d’une arthroplastie du genou et j’ai reçu un grand soulagement de l’utilisation de ce merveilleux traitement. J’utilise l’huile autour de mon genou récemment remplacé deux fois par jour et j’ai constaté une amélioration remarquable de l’enflure, de la raideur et de la douleur.


Beautiful products. Received my order, very pleased with it. Happy to say all come really well packed and the products are fantastic. Do not love the smell of the super serum oil, it’s a bit strong, but it will not stop me from using it. And the dry oil is fantastic! I can apply makeup soon after. Great for my hands too. Absolutely love the anti-age pump cream… is smooth; it feels great on the skin. Very happy with my purchase.


I have tried other brands of Immortelle essential oil. None come anywhere close to the products from Mardy’s Garden. The oil is so soft with a sweet woody smell tinged with flowers. Just three drops mixed into any carrier oil soaks into my skin quickly, leaving it soft and wrinkle free. Sublime. Mardy also sell their Immortelle mixed with their own produced carrier oils, which again are to die for. If you wish for soft wrinkle free face, hands and décolletage, then give Mardy’s Corsican Immortelle Oil a go. You won’t be disappointed.

J’ai essayé d’autres marques d’huile essentielle d’immortelle. Aucune ne se rapproche des produits de MARDYS GARDEN. L’huile est si douce avec une douce odeur boisée de fleurs. Trois gouttes seulement mélangées à une huile de support pénètrent rapidement dans ma peau, la laissant douce sans rides. Sublime. Mardys vend également son immortelle mélangée à ses propres huiles qui sont à nouveau à tomber par terre. Si vous souhaitez un visage, des mains et un décolté doux et sans rides, essayez l’huile d’immortelle corse Mardys. Vous ne serez pas déçu.


Hello, i receive the immortel oil from you today, thank you so much for amazing quality oil. I love it! Gave you 5 *


I bought this Huile D’Immortelle for a nasty scar on my knee and also for my son’s face. It is already making a difference. Product came quickly and no nasty additives. Thank you!

B-J Raben

I love the oil, use it in my hands and neck! Third time buying it. Shipping is very pricey to Canada, so I ship it to friends in Europe and they bring it to me upon returning.

Excellent product. Highly recommend it.

Yurima Jimenez

I made a fantastic experience using your essential oil. I have a strained ankle with a haematome all over my foot. It disappeared in 3 to 4 days completely and I walk without pains. Thank you for this product of excellent quality! Dorothea

J’ai fait une expérience fantastique en utilisant votre huile essentielle. J’ai une cheville tendue avec un hématome sur tout mon pied. Il a complètement disparu en 3 à 4 jours et je marche sans douleur. Merci pour ce produit d’excellente qualité ! Dorothea

Dorothea Hege

J’apprécie énormément l’huile sèche myrte immortelle. Ma peau est repulpée, douce, nourrit. J’aime énormément l’esprit dans lequel vos produits sont élaborés. Je vais découvrir l’huile essentielle d’hélycrise corse, sur le continent nous ne trouvons que de l’italienne.
c’est un plaisir de revenir vers vous, l’envoi des produits est rapide, très soigné .

merci pour tout cela