Immortelle from Corsica

Helichrysum Italicum grow wild in Corsica and in the
Mediterranean region. Used in cosmetics for its anti-aging properties and its
essential oil. This extraordinary plant has amazing virtues


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MARDYS GARDEN - Organic Helichrysum. Made in Corsica

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    Organic farmer since 2008


    Certified European Organic Farm


    Guaranteed quality of organic product from Corsica

Discover the uses and exceptional properties of Immortelle

This extraordinary plant and its miraculous oil have a lot of benefits. Used in skincare since the dawn of time for its anti-aging properties. It can also reduce facial redness and is effective against wrinkles. On the body, it lessens scars and stretch marks. With its anti-inflammatory property, it is very effective against new and old bruises and sports injuries. As an analgesic, it relieves pain and soothes joint and nerve pain, and neuropathy. It heals, revives, and regenerates your skin. Everyone should have some Immortelle Oil at home as it can be useful in many situations

  • Lovely fragrance of flowers and honey. I add this to other thinner body lotions and my skin loves this. Was delivered very quickly.

    Ms S Allen 
  • Amazing. I am very pleased with this oil. I started using for muscles pain and it started working immediately. Thank you Corsica. I will buy it again🌺🌺🌺

  • I made a fantastic experience using your essential oil. I have a strained ankle with a hematoma all over my foot. It disappeared in 3 to 4 days completely and I walk without pains. Thank you for this product of excellent quality!

  • This is my 3rd purchase of immortelle by Mardys Garden producer. I am impressed by immortelle's healing properties and it's skin care for the face care beauty...

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The best Immortelle

Immortelle from Corsica is the most powerful Helichrysum Italicum species. Scientists agree that only Corsican Immortelle blend of compounds guarantee all the plant virtues

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All this information are extracted from acclaimed work (docteur Baudoux, Willem…) or website about aromatherapy and from scientific papers (Flavour and fragrance, Agricultural and food chemistry, Corte University...). They are given for information only and do not in any way constitute medical information, nor engage our responsibility. Always consult a doctor before using essential oils for therapeutic purposes.