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Mardys Garden

MARDYS GARDEN, has been created in 2008 by Margaret, member of the Homeopathic faculty of London, and her husband Pascal, farmer specialized in distillation, graduate at Corte’s CPS.

Margaret & Pascal modernized an ancestral flower extraction technique based on solar maceration. The flowers are then cold pressed.
We live ecologically on our certified organic farm in Calvi, Corsica. We master all the production process from the seeds up to the final product

We mainly produce Immortelle and aromatics plants of the Corsican Maquis like Lavender, Rosemary, Mastic, and Myrtle. All our distillation is done on-site using steam from Corsican Spring Water from the moutains.

We focus on producing high-quality products, powerful and rich in properties. To extract the best from our plants

Our farm in pictures

View from our Helichrysum fields. Immortelle grow better when closer to the sea. Our fields are close to the sea and under good sun exposure, the best condition for our plant

Immortelle from Corsica

Our farm and fields are located in Calvi, Corsica near the sea and under good sun exposure. Those are the best conditions for Helichrysum to grow. Here it grows wild and has been used for centuries.

Immortelle growing by the sea is far more powerful and with a stronger scent. Resulting in a much more concentrated and highest quality essential oil.

Many studies compare various Helichrysum Italicum essential oil from different countries. All scientists and aromatherapists agree that Corsica is where the strongest and highest quality Immortelle essential oil is produced, all thanks to its unique environment

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Organic farm

Certified by Bureau Veritas

Each year we are certified by Bureau Veritas as an organic farm to ensure we fully respect the environment and adhere to strict guidelines. This allows us to sell certified organic products of the best possible quality

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  • European Organic certification

    Used in all European Union for organic products

  • AB - Agriculture Biologique

    Used in France for all organic products. AB is a quality label used to promote product from organic farm


    Used in France for organic products respecting the BIO DI CORSICA quality guidelines. A product must entirely made from ingredients from Corsica

Our production is blessed

Our production has been blessed by our Priest. And we are in regular prayers with the brothers of Saint John from the convent of Corbara. Our prayer and this blessing allows us to work at the source of Peace, Joy and Love.

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