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Organic Hydrosol Pure Topped Lavender

Organic Hydrosol Pure Topped Lavender

Lavandula Stoechas Organic Face Mist. Astringent and Purifying

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This flower water contains all the astringent and purifying properties of Lavandula Stoechas. Its unique camphor fragrance will remind you of this unique flowers in Corsica.

The organic hydrosol is obtained by gathering the water from steam used during distillation of organic flowers. All the flowers are distilled right after being manually harvested. This essential water is pure, it contains only hydrosol of Topped Lavender.

Our flower waters are extremely concentrated using at least 3 kilos of flowers to produce 1 liter of hydrolate. It can be used to flavour your drinks or like a face mist.

It is ideal for oily and acne prone skin with its purifying virtues. Its scent brings wellness to the spirit and body.

Volume: 100ml in a glass bottle with a spray


*Ingredients from organic farming

How to use

Flavor your drinks with 1 tea spoon per litre. As a face mist, close your eyes and spray on the sensitive zone. Let act, do not wipe


Shipped with tracking number, the same or first work day, after the order is paid

Return policy

Return the product at MARDYS GARDEN, Route de l'aéroport, 20260 Calvi, France. Refunds will be emitted after the product has been received

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Straight from producer

All our products are made by us, on our local farm in Corsica. All orders are shipped from there, without intermediaries. We start from the seed up to the final product. We focus on producing quality products. Each are concentrated with active ingredients to best ensure its effect.

  • Organic

    Our organic farm is certified each year by Bureau Veritas. Our plants grow naturally in the best possible condition. We harvest them manually when they are ready, respecting their cycle.

  • Immortelle

    Helichrysum Italicum, an amazing shrub. It grows wild in Corsica, where its effect are the strongest. Our lands are near the sea and under strong sun exposure, the best environment possible for Immortelle

  • Natural cosmetics

    We craft homemade natural cosmetics from our production. Immortelle has multiple properties, making it a great beauty product for skincare. We add it with other organic ingredients that act in synergy to enhance its benefits