Immortelle fields blooming

The properties of Immortelle Oil

Immortelle (Helichrysum Italicum) is a rare and precious yellow flowering plant, which grows in Corsica. It has been listed in various historical texts for its medicinal benefits.

All aromatherapists agree that only Corsican Helichrysum blend of compounds guarantee all the plant extraordinary virtues.

Scientific studies confirm that its qualities are not comparable to other Helichrysum species.
This native plant with amazing powers grows wild in the Corsican maquis.

This precious oil is a very effective blend of compounds, known for its anti-inflammatory properties, it is good for sports injuries, and as an analgesic it is valuable in reducing joint pains. Arthritic sufferers have greatly benefited from its pain relieving virtues.

As a tissue regenerative and anti-coagulant it stimulates blood circulation and can treat bruising (and old bruises) scars; burns and varicose veins .

This multifunctional oil multiplies the collagen count present in our skin cells, it is so special because it treats cosmetic as well as medical problems

Directions for Use: apply directly by rubbing or massaging on the area 2 times a day.

Not recommended if pregnant. Keep all products away from eyes

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