Helichrysum Italicum flowers also known as Strawflower, Immortelle, Murza, Muredda and various other names

Immortelle or Helichrysum ?

This wonderful plant wears multiple names. In France everybody knows it as Immortelle. The name come from its dried flower that always keep its aspect and fragrance. It's scientific name is Helichrysum Italicum. It is a species of the genre Helichrysum. This species has some subspecies, with similar properties. Here we grow the subspecies Italicum, the most representative of its kind, with the strongest virtues. Its complete name is then Helichyrsum Italicum ssp Italicum.

Outside the Mediterranean area this plant is less-known and various names are used to describe it. Sometimes we see the translation of Immortelle to "Immortal". "Everlasting flowers" and "Eternal flower" are also used to name it. Those reference the plant flowers which can be kept for years as a bouquet.

A common name used in aromatherapy for Immortelle is "Curry plant". It refers to its perfume, close to curry when you pass by a shrub in nature or smell its flowers. It is mostly used in the United Kingdom, Ireland, India and other old british colony.

A diminutive of the complete scientific name may be used "Helichrysum" or sometimes a translated version of it "Italian Helichrysum". "Helichrysum Italicum" is also used in the United States and in Canada

Other less known name are "Italian strawflower" and "Mediterranean strawflower"

Even in Corsica where it grows naturally Immortelle was known under different name, we know about three of them "Murza", "Muredda" et "Murella"

Those various name may create confusion for the customer and make Immortelle products hard to find. Different species of Helichrysum exist and may use one of those common name described above.
The species Helichrysum Stoechas, Helichrysum gymnocephalum, Helichrysum Angustifolia and Helichrysum Bracteiferum may look similar but their properties are very different. Essential oils and cosmetics products may also use them. They are usually cheaper and come from Madagascar or outside the Mediterranean region.

When in doubt, the first reflex should be to check the scientific name and make sure it is Helichrysum Italicum. It is even better if the subspecie is specified, if not written on the listing or the bottles you may check the INCI ingredients list to find it.

We use the common name Immortelle in the title of our products. It is linked to France and Corsica where it grows naturally. Immortelle is only used for the Helichrysum Italicum species. Immortelle from Corsica guarantees the quality of the product. We always specify the plant scientific name on our listing and provide our INCI ingredients

We hoped this article helped you understand better the various name used for Immortelle. You may leave a comment just below, we will read it carefully

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Ja, ich habe vor nicht all zu langer Zeit Immortelle gekauft, um sonnengeschädigte Haut mit anderen Essenzen zu mischen. Die Anleitung habe ich aus dem Buch : “Heilpflanzen für Männer” bezogen. Einzigartig und Wirkungsvoll. Linderung trat sofort ein.

Karl Schwarzl

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