Is Immortelle good for psoriasis ?

Helichrysum Italicum can sometimes be effective against psoriasis. Thanks to its anti-inflammatory and soothing properties. We recommend you try organic Immortelle essential oil. Apply one or two drops to your skin and massage lightly on the sensitive area. You can blend it in a vegetable oil recommended for psoriasis.

Our Super Serum, is rich in organic essential oils of Immortelle and Mastic, a powerful anti-fungus. They are already blended in sesame oil and can be used to lessen psoriasis as well

We had multiple testimonials of improvements and positive effects throughout the years. Many clients use our products to soothes and reduce their psoriasis

However, sometimes it does not work and no improvements happen. It all depends on your reaction to our product (body and soul). With essential oils always be careful and start by testing one or two drops on your skin to test for allergic reactions before using

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