Is Helichrysum the same as Immortelle ?

Is Helichrysum the same as Immortelle ?

As you may have found out online or in our previous article Helichrysum is often used to describe the Immortelle plant. It is a diminutive of "Helichrysum Italicum", the scientific name for Immortelle.

However be cautious as Helichrysum is not the complete scientific name. It is the name of the genus, it can be used to refer to any species and not necessarily Helichrysum Italicum. Other Helichrysm species aren't Immortelle like Helichrysum Stoechas, Helichrysum Angustfolia...

When in doubt, always refer to the plant scientific name on the label or on the ingredient list to make sure it is referred as HELICHRYSUM ITALICUM

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